Rehearsal Day 4 – Georgia

Georgia is offering up one of the simplest songs this year, and they also have the staging to match. Tornike delivers his song on stage alone, wearing a white button up and black pants. The staging is dark and moody, especially in the first half of the song. Because of the darkness, it makes it hard to connect with Tornike. This isn’t helped by the fact that he is failing to link eyes with the camera. It really makes you feel disconnected.

Around the second verse, we see a small box on stage, and Tornike sits on the box. At this point, lyrics are projected onto him, which is a nice effect. Towards the end, we see more lyrics on the backing screens.

Vocally, Tornike is absolutely on point with the performance. The song itself is very flat for the first half, but at the end as we finally get to hear the bigger notes, he really belts them out. That being said, Tornike was most certainly taking the piss in the final run through, where he joked around with his vocals. Well, if he does the same thing in the semi-final, at least people will be talking about him for one reason or another!