Rehearsal Day 4 – Denmark

It’s almost non-news to say that Denmark is bringing the exact same stage show as in the national final. It’s another case of, don’t change things if they don’t need to be changed. The retro upbeat number works well with the retro themed backing screens and colourful lights. It’s a confident performance of a decent song. It has flown under the radar thus far, but on the night this has the potential to really lift the spirits.

The outfits are the same as the national final, and the two circular platforms are used again. We see some dance moves, but it’s very limited. There are three backing singers on stage, and we see a Soldi clap from them every now and then. Towards the end, we see the lead singer run from the main stage to the front stage, only to run straight back to finish the song. It’s a nice little bit of movement, and will work well when there is an audience (although none will be standing that close to the stage).

I am very hesitant to rule this out. This is a super fun song to end the semi-final, and it might just earn enough points to scrape through.