Rehearsal Day 4 – Switzerland

Well, we may have just found a winner. Switzerland has been a strong favourite since they revealed their song, and while they went down a few places in the odds, I suspect they will be rising to the top again. This is a truly spectacular performance that is totally unique in the field.

Many expected to see Gjon on stage behind a piano, and they couldn’t have been more wrong about that. There’s a abstract prop on stage that Gjon stands on, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Gjon actually…. dances! It’s a very interpretive and modern style of dance, but it looks incredible with the camera angles. There is some tightening that needs to be done on the camera work, but those are easy fixes to what is a fantastic performance. The lighting is fantastic as well, and the atmosphere of the song is really captured in the visual performance.

Gjon is wearing a unique puffy shirt (Seinfeld, anyone?) with an incredible amount of detail. The performance is so intricate with just black and white, with the only colour in the entire performance a purple light filter for just a few moments towards the end. Totally inspired.