Rehearsal Day 6 – Italy

Italy is consistently a strong favourite at Eurovision, and this year is no exception. The group is high in the odds, and that position is now justified with their performance. What we are getting for Italy this year is a concert style performance which will appeal to the audience in the arena, as well as viewers at home. The group has immense chemistry with one another, and there are a number of shots with Damiano interacting with other members of the band.

The camera work needs some minor changes, as at times it was a bit sloppy. Otherwise, the group is offering a really authentic, and organic performance of the rock number. There is a prop on stage, and it’s a platform for the drummer. The platform also has lights which add a bit more interest on the stage. The backing screens are actually quite simple, but the stand out moment of the rehearsal in terms of the backing screens occurs at the end, where Damiano drops to the ground with his leg up, and the graphic on the backing screen does the same.

In the last run through, we saw pyro used, and wow, that was a lot of pyro. While the performance was good as it was, the pyro adds so much value in this performance. We see a firework curtain as well as fireworks shooting from the sides of the stage both at the end of the performance. This year’s competition feels quite open still, but I get more of the winner vibes from this than I do from Malta, Iceland and Bulgaria. We still have France to see, and I still have Switzerland on my mind, but there is certainly a possibility we will be heading to Italy next year.