Rehearsal Day 6 – Germany

Jendrik is one of the most charismatic performers of the year, and that rings true as he performs his song this year. It’s musically not the best song, nor is it the most serious entry, but at minimum, Jendrik is bringing fun to the stage. There’s a lot of colour on stage for the performance, and we see the same-coloured chalk from the music video, but this time integrated into the backing screens. There’s also a really cool comic style graphic used which really pops, and there’s a good moment where the group is almost ‘fighting’ the hate, ie, the “peace sign” and the back and forward is mirrored by the backing graphics.

The biggest issue with this performance is the vocals. Jendrik can sing, but in a song such as this where the lyrics are just so fast paced, it’s hard for him to keep up, especially considering the intense choreography. I can see why they challenged themselves to this choreography, since it looks great, but it certainly comes at the cost of the vocals.

There is room to improve here, but even at his best, Jendrik and Germany won’t reach the heights I would have wanted.