Rehearsal Day 6 – France

France is one of the hot favourites this year, and they are about to get hotter. Barbara Pravi is a class act, and an exceptional vocalist who gave everything to that rehearsal. She is one of the best performers this year to be able to emit the emotion of the song, so for the viewers who can’t understand the lyrics, they won’t be missing out. There are so many goosebump moments during the performance, it’s pretty much a 3 minute goosebump.

The performance is very similar to the national final, in fact, almost identical. The camera work at the end is more chaotic, matching the end of the song. Prior to that, we see minimal lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere. The projection with the birds on the floor is also in this performance, is really the only major graphic we see. It’s genuinely hard to tell that this is in an arena, as the camera shots remain all very close.

This absolutely exudes winner vibes. You just get that tingly feeling about this performance, it’s truly wonderful. I can see this doing VERY well with the juries, but I think its success lies solely on the televote. If this comes even close to the top of the televote, it could definitely score the win for France.