Top 5 Junior Eurovision Entries of 2004!

In the lead up to the upcoming edition of Junior Eurovision, we are looking back on the previous editions of the contest to rediscover the songs we love!

For this Top 5, we are heading to Norway, the hosts of the 2004 edition of Junior Eurovision. A total of 18 participants took to the stage to perform their Junior Eurovision entries. This was the second edition of the contest, and we saw France and Switzerland join the line-up, with no nations withdrawing. Now it’s time for our Top 5!

  1. Martina Siljanovska – Zabava (North Macedonia)

From the opening moments, this entry has a lot of energy. While ballads can be nice at Junior Eurovision, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a young artist have fun on stage. The melody is super catchy, and while the vocals aren’t always perfect, it’s more about the spirit Martina brings to the performance. The bridge is a bit more subdued, which gives the song that added bit of interest. Overall, a nice entry from North Macedonia!

  1. Marios Tofis – Onira (Cyprus)

My first thoughts when seeing this performance is that it seems very inspired by Ricky Martin! This is another energetic entry, but compared to North Macedonia, comes across as a bit slicker. The choreography is strong and really supports the song. The song is also super catchy and energetic. Looking back now, Cyprus was never really a stand out favourite at Junior Eurovision, however this song yielded their equal best result. This performance was a great combination of catchy song, good vocals, strong choreography and good stage presence.

  1. Cool Kids – Pigen Er Min (Denmark)

Who would have thought that we would see a rap group at Junior Eurovision? Denmark dared to be different, and it paid off. This entry is super unique for Junior Eurovision, and while it doesn’t seem like an expected genre for the contest, this entry still feels kid-friendly. The chorus isn’t super dynamic, however it’s still very memorable. The choreography and staging is also great, although there were a few average camera angles.

  1. Thomas – Si On Voulait Bien (France)

This is one of my favourite Junior Eurovision entries, even after all these years. Vocally, this is certainly one of the most competent performances of the year. The song itself is super French, and compared to the other competing entries of the year, felt a bit more grown up. That being said, I don’t think it would have been alienating the younger viewers, as Thomas still had that charm during the performance. Perhaps the only awkward part of the performance was in the instrumental where Thomas is static. Overall, it doesn’t change the quality of the song nor the vocals.

  1. María Isabel – Antes Muerta Que Sencilla (Spain)

This certainly feels like the obvious number one choice, but it’s just too good not to be placed in the top spot. Even now, this is one of the best Junior Eurovision entries and winners. María Isabel is such a strong live performer, not just vocally but also in stage presence and how she works with the camera. The staging and choreography were among the strongest of the year, and matched with an incredibly catchy song, this was a sure winner. This was yet another demonstration that Spain is a fierce competitor at Junior Eurovision.