Top 5 Junior Eurovision Entries of 2019!

In the lead up to the upcoming edition of Junior Eurovision, we are looking back on the previous editions of the contest to rediscover the songs we love!

For this Top 5, we are heading to Poland, the hosts of the 2019 edition of Junior Eurovision. A total of 19 participants performed their entries on the Junior Eurovision stage. Spain returned to the contest, while Azerbaijan and Israel unfortunately withdrew. Now let’s get into our Top 5!

  1. Melani – Marte (Spain)

Spain was one of the top favourites of the competition, and it’s easy to see why. Spain returned to the contest with an incredibly strong song and singer to match. The song had a strong environmental message, and even for those who didn’t understand the lyrics, the visual performance really highlighted the message. The operatic moments of the song are beautiful, and quite a rarity at Junior Eurovision. This is a great entry from Spain, and a well deserved finish in the Top 3 at the contest.

  1. Giorgi Rostiashvili – We Need Love (Georgia)

To this day, I still don’t understand why this came in 14th place. This performance ticks all the boxes. The song itself is incredibly uplifting, and the chorus is super catchy. I love the jazzy undertones of the song, and the way it builds over the 3 minutes is great. Giorgi nails this performance, and his voice really suits the song. What really seals the deal is the visual performance. It’s colourful, eye-catching and really highlights the positivity of the song. Releasing the heart balloons towards the peak of the song was also a nice feature. This is definitely one of my favourite Georgian entries!

  1. Mila Moskov – Fire (North Macedonia)

North Macedonia has the ‘12th place curse’, but Mila Moskov had what it took to break the curse. Easily one of their best, if not their best Junior Eurovision entry throughout their history at the contest, and I’m glad the voting reflected the quality. With injury, Mila still managed to deliver a charismatic performance, bringing a very intense energy to suit the song. And what a voice! The staging was perhaps a bit cliché, but it didn’t take away from the strong vocal performance.

  1. Matheu – Dans Met Jou (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands have been hit or miss at Junior Eurovision, but this is definitely one of their stand-out entries. The nation nailed every aspect of this performance, from the song to the visual performance. Matheu is an incredible singer, and to be able to keep up with the choreography is impressive. The performance is energetic and dynamic, and it keeps you engaged for the entire three minutes. This is such a fun song and performance, one that is always a pleasure to watch and sing along with!

  1. Viki Gabor – Superhero (Poland)

It might be a predictable number 1, but this song is simply spectacular. For me, this once again proved that Poland has a lot of work to do when it comes to staging, and that aspect of the performance didn’t impress me, however the song more than makes up for it. Viki is an incredible singer, and this song was definitely winner worthy. This is one of the most contemporary songs we’ve heard at the contest, and I think had this competed at Eurovision, it would have fit in well. It’s more of a mature song in comparison to some of its competition, but it wasn’t inaccessible for younger audiences either.