EuroRevision Quiz: How well do you know Eurovision 1973?

How well do you know the history of Eurovision? In our EuroRevision series, we aim to put the spotlight back on the early years of Eurovision, journeying through until we reach the current contest.

Today our quiz revolves around the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, so test your knowledge below!  Catch up on our EuroRevision post all about Eurovision 1973, here.


Who presented Eurovision 1973?
Helga Guitton
Pierre Cao
Paul Ulveling
How many nations were represented by returning artists?
3 nations
4 nations
1 nation
Which nations opened and closed the show?
Finland, Israel
Belgium, France
Portugal, United Kingdom
The language rule was removed, meaning nations could perform in any language. How many nations performed completely in English?  
4 Nations
6 Nations
7 Nations
What was the difference in points between 1st and 3rd place?
6 points
10 points
27 points
Winning nation Luxembourg received the maximum points (10) from which nations?
Switzerland, United Kingdom, France
Italy, Ireland, Sweden
Germany, Monaco, Spain
This edition of the contest marked the first time that:
Women conducted the orchestra
Nations weren’t required to use the orchestra
The contest had an interval act
Which of the following non-participating nations did not broadcast this edition of Eurovision?  
The Yugoslavian entry was performed in which language?
How many members were in each national jury?