Eurovision Union’s Top 100 Hits: 90 – 81

Are you in need of a playlist refresh? We picked 100 of our favourite songs from Eurovision and National Final stars, and today we continue the countdown! To broaden the playlist inspiration, we picked just one song from each of the selected artists. We also chose songs which weren’t related to their Eurovision or National Final participations. In today’s instalment, you will be introduced to songs 90 through 81, so let’s get into it!

  1. Mia Diekow – Black Beauty

Eurovision Connection: Mia participated at the German national selection for Eurovision 2013, however finished in last place with ‘Lieblingslied’

And this song? Black Beauty is everything we wished ‘Lieblingslied’ would be. The pop number has an incredibly catchy beat, and a memorable melody. There haven’t been many German language songs cross my radar, so this really is a stand out.

  1. Stig – Ai Ai Ai

Eurovision Connection: Stig competed in the Finnish national selection back in 2012 with the song ‘Laululeija’. The entry finished in 3rd place, with Pernilla Karlsson ultimately winning the ticket to Eurovision.

And this song? Stig has such a unique sound, and Ai Ai Ai really encapsulates his musical identity. His vocal style may not to be to everyone’s taste, but we think it’s totally charming. This track is a refreshing addition to the Top 100 playlist!

  1. Montaigne – Ready

Eurovision Connection: Montagne won the Australian Eurovision selection in 2020 with the song ‘Don’t Break Me’. After the cancellation of Eurovision, she was internally selected to represent Australia in 2021. She performed ‘Technicolour’, albeit live-on-tape, however unfortunately did not qualify.

And this song? This is arguably one of Montaigne’s most popular tracks. The meaningful lyrics pair with the strong melodies and it makes for a powerful pop track.

  1. Moreno – Prova Microfono

Eurovision Connection: Moreno competed in the Italian song festival, Sanremo. He competed back in 2015 with the song ‘Oggi Ti Parlo Così’

And this song? There are many styles under the umbrella of rap, and this is more of a commercial, accessible take on rap. Prova Microfono is impressive in how speedy the rap is, but it’s still super catchy.

  1. Alessio Bernabei – Non È il Sudamerica

Eurovision Connection: Alessio competed in Sanremo on three occasions. The first was with the group Dear Jack back in 2015 with the song ‘Il mondo episode’. Alessio returned as a soloist in 2016 with ‘Noi Siamo Infinito’ which finished in 14th place. He returned in 2017 with ‘Nel Mezzo di un Applauso’ which finished in 15th.

And this song? This is the perfect radio-friendly summer hit. It’s the type of song you can listen to and just feel instantly uplifted. The chorus is super catchy, and his vocals are always dreamy!

  1. Wiktoria – Unthink You

Eurovision Connection: Wiktoria competed in the Swedish Eurovision selection Melodifestivalen on three occasions. The first was in 2016 with the song ‘Save Me’ where she finished 4th. She participated again the year after with ‘As I Lay Me Down’, finishing 6th overall. He most recent attempt was in 2019 with the song ‘Not With Me’, again finishing 6th.

And this song? The vocals are truly spectacular, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Wiktoria. The song instantly grabs your attention from the first second, with the minimal combination of guitar and vocals. It’s safe to say we can’t ‘Unthink’ this track!

  1. MaNga – Dunyanin Sonuna Dogmusum

Eurovision Connection: MaNga represented Turkey at Eurovision in 2010, finishing in second place. They performed ‘We Could Be The Same’.

And this song? This was one of the songs that really launched MaNga into the spotlight. This was released prior to Eurovision, and it gave fans an idea of what to expect at the contest. The group really knows how to mix genres successfully, and this is the perfect example.

  1. Adelén – Go Home

Eurovision Connection: Adelén participated in the Norwegian Eurovision selection in 2013 with the song ‘Bombo’.

And this song? This is a total bop. The drop in the chorus is the highlight of the song, and it’s hard not to sing along. Realistically, it’s not the most revolutionary song, especially in terms of the lyrics. Nonetheless, sometimes you just need a banger to lift the mood.

  1. Alma & Laurie Darmon – Zumbaa

Eurovision Connection: Alma represent France at Eurovision 2017 with the song ‘Requiem’, finishing 12th in the final.

And this song? French really is one of the best languages for music, and with that said, ‘Zumbaa’ is a joy to the ears. The song has such a nice rhythm, and their voices work very well together.

  1. Severina ft. Jala Brat – Otrove

Eurovision Connection: Severina represented Croatia at Eurovision in 2006 with the song ‘Moja štikla’. Jala Brat also performed at Eurovision, representing Bosnia & Herzegovina back in 2016 with the song ‘Ljubav Je’.

And this song? The strong Balkan sounds of this song are hard to resist. Severina’s tone works perfectly with this strong Balkan beat. Jala Brat is a very welcome addition to the song. The 93 million views on YouTube speaks for itself!

You can find songs 100 through to 91 in Part 1 here. Stay tuned for the next songs!