Croatia: Participants of Dora 2022 Revealed

A total of 14 acts will compete in the Croatian national final, where the winner will represent Croatia at Eurovision.

A total of 184 songs were evaluated by the Croatian broadcaster, HRT. The broadcaster stated that this was the highest number of submissions since the format returned.

Here are the participants:

  1. Mia Negovetić – “Forgive Me (Oprosti)”
  2. Mia Dimšić – “Guilty Pleasure”
  3.  Bernarda – “Here for Love”
  4.  Tina Vukov – “Hideout”
  5. Erik Vidović – “I Found You”
  6. Ella Orešković – “If You Go Away”
  7. ToMa – “In the Darkness”
  8. Mila  Elegović – “Ljubav” (Love)
  9. Roko Vušković – “Malo kasnije” (A little later)
  10. Marko Bošnjak – “Moli za nas” (Pray for us)
  11. Jesse – “My Next Mistake”
  12. Elis Lovrić – “No War”
  13. Zdenka Kovačiček – “Stay on the Bright Side”
  14. Tia – “Voli me do neba” (Love me to heaven)

There are also four reserve songs in the case of a competitor withdrawing or facing a disqualification:

  1. Karlo Vudrić – “3AM”
  2. Vlatka Burić Dujmović Vyan – “Gladiator”
  3. Totalni Optimizam – “What If”
  4. Stella Scholaja – “Ghost”

The contest will take place in Opatija in February. A 50/50 split between jury and televoting will be used in the final.

The winning songs are no longer allowed to have major revamps prior to Eurovision. However, minor modifications allowed with the permission from HRT.