Slovenia: EMA Artists Announced, BQL Return

The acts competing in the upcoming Slovenian national final are now known. Sixteen established artists will compete alongside the winners of the EMA FREŠ competition, which is currently ongoing.

The selection will feature two semi-finals and a final. In each semi-final, eight established artists and two EMA FREŠ artists will compete for a place in the final. Public voting will select three finalists, and a jury will select another three. In the final, the voting is split 50/50 between public and jury voting.

Here are the competitors:

  • Anabel – “Tendency”
  • Batista Cadillac – “Mim pravil” (My rules)
  • Bowrain & Brina – “Čas je” (It’s time)
  • BQL – “Maj” (May)
  • David Amaro – “Še vedno si lepa” (You are still beautiful)
  • Eva Moškon – “Kliki” (Clicks)
  • Gušti feat. Leyre – “Nova romantika” (New romance)
  • Hauptman – “Sledim” (I follow)
  • Jonatan Haller – “Obzorje” (Horizon)
  • July Jones – “Girls Can Do Anything”
  • Klara Jazbec – “Chasing Dreams”
  • Le Serpentine – “Tud teb se lahk zgodi” (It can happen to you too)
  • Manouche – “Si sama?” (Are you alone?)
  • Mia Guček – “Independiente” (Independent)
  • Verdan Ljubenko – “H2O dieta” (H2O diet)
  • Zala Smolnikar – “V ogledalu” (In the mirror)

BQL competed in EMA in 2017, finishing in second place with their song ‘Heart of Gold’. They returned in 2018 with the song ‘Ptica’, where they finished in second place once again. Will it be third time lucky?