🇸🇲 Una Voce Per San Marino: Here are the Results from the First Semi-Final

The first semi-final of Una Voce Per San Marino is complete, with the first three qualifiers announced.

The Sammarinese selection kicked off, with 20 international emerging artists competing for just three spots in the final.

Here are the qualifiers:

  • Aaron Sibley – “Pressure”
  • Camille Cabaltera – “Move Em Like You Never Did”
  • Elena & Francesco Faggi – “Nothin’ can blow me out”

Five acts qualified to the second chance round that will take place on Thursday:

  • Alessia Labate – “World Falls Down”
  • Anna Faragò – “Randaggio”
  • Daniele Pisciotta – “Tic Tac”
  • Frio – “A noite é tudo”
  • Eliška Mrázová – “Imma Be”

The following acts are eliminated from the competition:

  • Alessandra Simone – “Rabia e favole”
  • Alice Burani – “Mezzanote e ventidue”
  • Ashley – “In My Mind”
  • Brenda – “Occhi di uranio”
  • Daniel Mincone – “In This World”
  • Davide Rossi – “Wasted Love”
  • Elisa Del Prete – “Labirinto senza fine”
  • Ellynora – “Cuerpo”
  • Florent Amare – “Libre”

The second semi-final will take place tonight, where more international emerging artists will compete for another three spots in the final.