Montenegro Decides: It’s Vanja Radovanović!

For the first time in a decade, Montenegro chose to hold a national final, rather than select their Eurovision entry internally. This year Montevizija featured just five acts which were revealed a month ago. The show was held in the nation’s capital, Podgorica at the Hilton Hotel.

Here are the five competitors:

  • Nina Petković – Dišem Vanja

  • Vanja Radovanović – Inje

  • Ivana Popović Martinović – Poljupci

  • Katarina Bogićević – Neželjena

  • Lorena Jankovic – Dušu mi daj

The voting was split into two rounds. In the first round, all the acts faced both the jury and televoters, and the top three acts were sent through to the superfinal. With an incredible 40% of the vote was Lorena Jankovic. Following behind was Katarina Bogićević with 19% and close behind was Vanja Radovanović with 18%. As such, it was these three who continued through to the next round of voting.

All three participants performed their entries once again, and faced a new round of voting. Incredibly, the second round of voting saw such a difference in results, with the previous round of voting seeing Lorena holding 1st place dominantly and in the second round she finished in third with 29%. Coming in second place was Katarina Bogićević, meaning that it’s Vanja who will be going to Eurovision with his self written song, Inje.

Watch the performance below!