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In only a matter of days, 11 talented artists will make their way onto the Gold Coast stage in the hopes of becoming the next Australian Eurovision representative. Ahead of the final, we are taking a look at the entries to see who has Eurovision potential!

Voyager – Dreamer

Australia has stayed within the comfortable bubble of pop music during their history at Eurovision, but this could be the year to send a fiercely diverse entry. Voyager are offering up a catchy mix of electronic and rock elements that will certainly be accessible to a wide audience.

I expect to see a strong vocal performance, and I would expect the band to have good chemistry on stage. If we see anything like the music video, the group will almost certainly lead the televote. The Australian public has a certain pull towards more ‘novel’ entries, and I think this fits the brief.

The only real negative about this track is the repetition. The lyrics and melody are quite simple, and while they are well performed, I would have liked to see something more complex. Despite that, I really do see Voyager as a threat for the win, and do believe they would provide a bit of genre diversity to our history at Eurovision.

Jude York – I Won’t Need to Dream

This track takes me back to Didirri’s Australia Decides entry, Raw Stuff. The tracks have a similar laid-back vibe, and while this entry is very charming, I wonder how competitive it would be at Eurovision. That being said, I feel this could be one of the surprising entries on the night. I would hope that they can create a really magical atmosphere on stage, and matched with strong vocals, this may be a jury magnet.

Will it get the support of the public?  I don’t know if it has enough of a memorable hook to really grab the attention of the Australian public.

Jaguar Jonze – Little Fires

Jaguar Jonze is back, much to the excitement of fans. The talented artist became a fan favourite after her previous participation, however this year she returns with a very different style of song. Her previous entry ‘Rabbit Hole’ featured more rock elements mixed with a unique indie vocal. Comparatively, Little Fires is much more of a ‘classic’ ballad style song which unfortunately makes much less of an impact.

The track takes two of the three minutes to really make a big splash, but yet still feels underwhelming. I am sure we will get a strong live performance of this track, but I don’t know if it will be enough to win over both juries and public.

Charley – I Suck At Being Lonely

Out of the slower, more emotion-led entries of Australia Decides this year, Charley certainly has a winner. While she isn’t the biggest name in the line-up, I think her entry will speak for itself. This track is hugely emotional, and I think it has the potential to really connect with a lot of people.

The production of is track is spectacular from start to finish. The orchestral elements are so crucial to this track, and the way it builds over the three minutes is incredibly special. Not to mention the vocals. They can be described only as angelic. Charley has such great control over each note, and it’s going to be a pleasure to witness live. This is the entry that I believe has the most potential at Eurovision.

Sheldon Riley – Not the Same

Many have waited to see Sheldon Riley in the Eurovision: Australia Decides line-up, and here we are. The unique artist has everything it takes to represent Australia at Eurovision, but it all comes down to the song. We expected a ballad from Sheldon, and he delivered. There is big potential here, and I think that potential will be reached during the live performance. Sheldon is an incredible live performer, and the vocals will have a chance to really shine.

As a standalone song, I don’t believe this is the best of this year’s line-up. I crave a stronger orchestral backing track, especially as the song grows. Despite that, Sheldon has a lot of potential with the public vote based on the unique performance we are bound to see live on stage.

G-Nat!on – Bite Me

There’s no denying that G-Nat!on will deliver the best choreography on stage, but do they have the song to back that up? There are strong elements of this track, but there are also parts that fall flat. The first verse really sets a good tone, but the pre-chorus just doesn’t hit the mark. The chorus has a unique beat matched with a simple but memorable melody.

It would be great to see a super strong girl group at Eurovision, especially considering the girls have incredible live vocals and the bar is always set high with their stage performances. That said, I don’t know if this song has enough pull. Time will tell.

Andrew Lambrou – Electrify

This entry ticks a lot of boxes. Electrify is contemporary, catchy and has the potential to really bring a lot of energy to the arena. This is very much a radio-friendly entry, but we almost have to treat it as a ‘DJ’ song at Eurovision, which historically have mixed results at Eurovision.

The ethno-style intro is unique in the line-up, and having a bilingual entry is a nice touch. With strong vocals, this could be a dark horse at this year’s contest. Andrew isn’t the biggest name in the line-up, but if this comes across well on tv, it definitely might be the surprise of the night.

Paulini – We Are One

Paulini is certainly one of, if not the biggest name on the list this year – it’s a shame that her entry is about 20 years too late. I am expecting the best vocal performance of the night from Paulini, but this song is incredibly dated and repetitive. The song tries to be contemporary through the bridge, but it just doesn’t hit the mark.

Lyrically, We Are One is a giant cheesefest. I really thought we were past this type of cliché songwriting, but yet here we are. Based on name and vocals, this will do well, but I don’t know if this is the right choice for Eurovision, especially with the added pressure of returning to the finals.

Seann Miley Moore – My Body

I guess this year’s line-up had space for two cliché cheesefest songs. Again, another vocal powerhouse but this song absolutely does not hit the mark. I love the message of the song, but the track feels incredibly disjointed. This hybrid upbeat pop x ballad track doesn’t capture the best of both worlds, and I don’t know that the public will feel compelled to vote for this over the other competing entries.

Erica Padilla – To The Bottom

This is the surprise package of this year’s contest. This is a much more contemporary entry with the voice to back it. The intro immediately captures your attention, and it gets better as the song progresses. There are a lot of interesting intricacies with the beat, and it keeps you invested.

While this is the wildcard entry, I think it towers over many of the other competing entries. I don’t know if it screams winner, but I certainly would be please to see this take the crown.

Isaiah & Evie Irie – When I’m With You

This track is pleasant surprise. The duo works exceptionally well, although I prefer Evie in this track. Her vocals add a certain edge to the fairly traditional pop song, while Isaiah has much more of an ‘innocent’ vocal that brings it into cliché territory.

I currently don’t see this as a frontrunner given the competition, however I do think this is one of the stronger entries this year. It will be interesting to hear them both live, especially with the harmonies.

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