🇩🇪 Germany: Running Order for National Final Announced

The running order for ‘Germany 12 Points’ is now known, with Malik Harris opening the show. A total of six participants are in the running to represent Germany at Eurovision this year.

A draw took place on ‘Live nach neun’ where the six participants were allocated their place in the running order. Here is the running order for the show:

  • Malik Harris – Rockstars
  • Maël & Jonas – I Swear To God
  • Eros Atomus – Alive
  • Emily Roberts – Soap
  • Felicia Lu – Anxiety
  • Nico Suave & Team Liebe – Hallo Welt

The voting will consist of two elements. Prior to the show, the participating songs will be aired on 9 ARD pop radio stations, where listeners can visit the stations’ websites and vote for their favourites. The voting will remain open until 20:00 CET on Friday 4th March, just 15 minutes prior to the national final. During the show, the public are able to vote for their favourite entries. The votes of the radio listeners and tv viewers are worth 50% each.

Learn more about the participants here.