🇦🇺 National Final Throwback: Electric Fields – 2000 and Whatever

After a disappointing result at Eurovision 2018, Australia opted for a national selection in 2019. The debut year of Eurovision – Australia Decides featured 10 artists, all hoping to represent Australia in Tel Aviv. As we know, the trophy went to Kate Miller-Heidke, but today we are taking a closer look at Electric Fields, an act which proved to be one of the strong fan favourites.

The duo served up a unique track in the field of 10, bringing the energy to the show. At its core, this is a catchy track that has the ability to just make you feel good. The use of Indigenous language felt like a step in the right direction, with Eurovision the perfect platform to really showcase local cultures and languages.

While the group was relatively unknown at the time, they quickly gained a cult following both locally and abroad. This became a fan favourite, but looking back on the performance now, I don’t believe they would have been the right choice for Eurovision. Kate Miller-Heidke boasts years of experience, and that experience delivered Australia another Top 10 result. Electric Fields still showed some inexperience on stage at Eurovision – Australia Decides, and while the song was great, didn’t have as much staging potential.

With that said, it would be amazing to see the duo return to the national selection in future years. 2000 and Whatever served as a stepping stone. Should they want to return to the contest, they will have countless fans backing them wholeheartedly.

As for a rating, I’ll give this a 7.5. Certainly one of the more memorable Eurovision – Australia Decides entries.


Year: 2019

Country: Australia

Artist: Electric Fields

Song: 2000 and Whatever