Eurovision 2022 Reviews – Georgia

Georgia is yet another nation that began their Eurovision journey strong, however in recent years is hit or miss. Hoping to return to the final this year is mysterious group Circus Mircus with their track, ‘Lock Me In’. 

Song and Vocals

Once again, Georgia is completely disregarding any unspoken rules or trends at Eurovision, and honestly, the contest is better for it. Lock Me In is one of the most unique tracks in the line-up, and for me, it was an instant love. First of all, having a group called Circus Mircus, surrounded by an elaborate story of the group members already piqued my interest. Upon their selection, I already wanted to know more about the group, and now that we know their song, it completely lived up to expectations. 

This song is utterly ridiculous. The funky intro is one of the best parts of the song, and I wish those melodies were used again during the track. The lyrics are non-sensical, but in this case it actually matches the song. The repetition of lyrics and melodies is a risk, and if anything, I think this could be what alienates some viewers. The chorus is catchy and memorable, with simple lyrics that viewers should be able to hold onto. 

Musically, this is one of my favourite tracks of the year, with interesting guitar riffs and melodies. This is the type of song that seems like it was super fun to write for the group, with their ‘circus’ personalities coming through. 

Performance and Act 

I believe the nation has enlisted members from the Sacha Baptiste group to stage this entry, and I hope they can really capture the fun of this song. When thinking about the potential, I think back to Nika Kocharov from a few years back, and how that song (while I thoroughly enjoyed it) was seen as a non-qualifier. Staging sent that song into a complete 180, and I do hope that it can have that same effect here. 

I want to see colour used in a dynamic way, as well as fast paced lighting changes and camera work. Anything to really capture the fun nature of the song will surely help this to stand out from the crowd. 


I love this, but can also recognise that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I think with the right staging and decent vocals, this could do better than many would think, but it’s still too early to predict whether this will comfortably qualify. 



Song and Vocals 

This is a fun song, but I think it is a full ‘love or hate’ entry. All the high notes, switching in styles within the song… Some people will also dislike this a lot and especially in the jury vote this is a risk. Personally I think it is a joy to listen and see this song being performed.

Performance and Act 

At the Israeli pre-party show we got to see the Georgian song being performed live for the first time and I wasn’t disappointed. Vocally and when it came to charism on stage. I expect some kind of hook in the visual aspect of the performance as well, to make it even more memorable.


Georgia always goes out on a limb at Eurovision. It has been ‘miss’ a lot of times in their ‘hit or miss’ entries and that risk also lies on the corner for the 2022 song. However, I tend to think this could well be one of the surprise qualifiers in 2022. I certainly don’t rule it out.



Team Scores 

Steef: 5/10

Erik: 9/10

Josh: 4/10

Heath: 4/10

Kaitlin: 9.5/10

Selim: 4/10

Morena: 5/10

Average Score: 6.4/10

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