Eurovision 2022 Reviews – Romania

Romania began their Eurovision back in the 1990’s, and started to achieve strong results through the 2000’s. Their best result is 3rd place, however in recent years the nation struggled to even reach the final. Hoping to return to the final is WRS with his song, ‘Llámame’.

Song and Vocals 

There were some decent songs in the Romanian final this year, however Llámame would not have been my first choice. As time passed, however, this became one of my guilty pleasures. As with many guilty pleasures, you eventually drop the guilt and start to really enjoy it. I still think that objectively, this isn’t a great song, but I have a feeling that many will instantly enjoy this just based on the catchy chorus. 

There’s a sense of mystery with the start of the song, however it then builds well into the chorus. The chorus is what will connect with viewers, as the lyrics are simple to pick up. Should they include that in the staging like in the national final, people will instantly be able to sing along. I wish there was a better ending to the song. Just like you would feature fireworks at the end of a performance, I wish this song had some vocal fireworks. 

Vocally, WRS gives a decent performance but it’s clear that he is not the strongest vocalist of the bunch this year. Whether this qualifies likely relies on the televote appeal, of which I think this could gain at least some support. 

Performance and Act 

I suspect that Romania will stick with a staging similar to the national final. There will certainly be dancers on stage with WRS, and that will give some dynamic to the performance. While the national final performance was decent, I hope they can give it more oomph. Maybe some pyro would help with that… 


This is a decent song, but if it was to qualify, it would be borderline. I can’t imagine this scoring high with the juries, but due to the instant appeal of the chorus, it could manage to get some televotes, bringing Romania back to the final for the first time since 2017. 



Song and Vocals 

I am not a big fan of this weak kind of latin pop and at Eurovision these songs are not being rewarded very well. This will be the case with WRS as well I would say, also because his vocals aren’t very great. But apart from that, the composition remains the biggest issue here.

Performance and Act 

I don’t think this song can be saved even with a good staging. However, WRS is a good dancer and interacts with his other dancers as well in a good manner. This shows some skills and professionalism, which is positive. 


This is a very dated music genre, not being sung very well and I cannot see a situation in which Romania would make it to the final, despite the fact that this second semi final has a lot of entries of which you could arguably say this.



Team Scores 

Steef: 1/10

Erik: 2.5/10

Josh: 6.5/10

Heath: 4/10

Kaitlin: 3/10

Selim: 3/10

Morena: 6/10

Average Score: 4.3/10

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