🇺🇦 Zlata Dzyunka to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision!

A total of five acts were in the running to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision this year, however it is Zlata Dzyunka heading to the contest. Zlata will sing ‘Nezlamna’ (Unbreakable) at the contest.

The simulcast national final featured five acts, with the show hosted by Timur Miroshnychenko. Here are the competing acts and results:

  1. Sofia Artemenko and DJ Polinka – “Zamovlyannya” (Order) – 4 Jury points + 5 public points = 9 points (2nd place)
  2. Zlata Dzyunka – “Nezlamna” (Unbreakable) – 5 jury points + 4 public points = 9 points (1st place)
  3. Elizaveta Petruk – “Pisnya pro Lelechat” (Stork song) – 1 jury point + 2 public points = 3 points (5th place)
  4. Darya Rebrova – “Paporoti kvitka” (Fern flower) 3 jury points + 3 public points = 6 points (3rd place)
  5. Diana Stasiuk – “We are the Future” – 2 jury points + 1 public point = 3 points (4th place)

With the points combined, both Sofia and DJ Polinka and Zlata tied for first place. It was up to the jury to decide which act would go to Junior Eurovision, and they decided upon Zlata. The members of the jury were as follows:

  • Anzhelika Rudnytska (TV presenter, artist)
  • Khrystyna Solovyy (singer-songwriter)
  • Myroslava Saliy (singer, vocal coach)

Listen to the song below: