🇺🇦 Ukraine: Vidbir Participants Revealed

From a shortlist of 36 artists, a total of 10 artists were selected to participate in the Vidbir final. The winner of the selection will go on to represent Ukraine at Eurovision in 2023.

Here are the participants:

  • 2TONE — “Kvitka” (Flower)
  • Angelina — “Stronger”
  • DEMCHUK — “Alive”
  • FIINKA — “Dovbush”
  • Jerry Heil — “WHEN GOD SHUT THE DOOR”
  • KRUTЬ — “Kolyskova” (Lullaby)
  • Moisei — “I’m Not Alone”
  • OY Sound System — “Oy, tuzhu” (Oh, longing)
  • Tember Blanche — “Ya vdoma” (I’m home)
  • TVORCHI — “Heart Of Steel”

Dymtro Shurov, Head Producer of Vidbir 2023, commented:

“I am very grateful to all the musicians who managed to do this important work under really difficult circumstances, both emotional and everyday, often under sirens and shelling, in basements and in the absence of light. The task is difficult, because in addition to writing a good song that touches people, record it in the studio and perform it live at the auditions, the finalists had to fulfill all the rules of the selection. As a result we have the great joint work of the UA:PBC team and the musicians who submitted their songs for participation in Eurovision 2023. This year in the final we will hear a lot of interesting new Ukrainian music of very different styles, and I am sure that every listener will find their favorite there. Beyond these ten, there are still many bright musicians who, I believe, will soon have their say in Ukrainian music. It gives me hope and confidence.”

The selection will take place on December 17th at the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. The winner will be selected through a mix of public and jury voting. The jury consists of Taras Topolya, Jamala and Yulia Sanina.