Playing with Numbers: 12 Points for Molly Sterling?

Only hours ago, Ireland held their national final on the Late, Late Show which was presented by Ryan Tubridy. The show opened with a medley of Eurovision hits, performed by previous winner Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington and Linda Martin. Before the competitors took to the stage, the host of the show, Ryan Tubridy talked to the songwriters and composers of each song. Additionally, after each song, the panel, which included Linda Martin, Phil Coulter, Mairead Farrell and Panti Bliss, all commented on whether they believed the song would succeed at Eurovision.

A total of five songs were presented on stage:

    1. She’s So Fine sung by Alex Saint and the MJs

    2. Anybody Got A Shoulder? sung by Kat Mahon

    3. Break Me Up sung by Erika Selin

    4. Memories (In Melody) sung by Nikki Kavanagh

    5. Playing with Numbers sung by Molly Sterling

Throughout the show there were a number of audience games and performances, as well as recaps of the 7 Eurovision wins that Ireland has had in its 50 Years of participation in Eurovision.

There was a lot of debate about what Ireland needed to do to once again succeed at Eurovision, but they are putting their hopes in the 16 year old, Molly Sterling, who will sing Playing With Numbers in the second semi-final.

Do you think Ireland made the correct decision?