Best of the Bunch: Germany

This week, we will take a look at the previous 10 entries from Germany. The nation has been present at all but 1 contest in the 60 year history of Eurovision, so you could say that they’re experts – or are they? Keep reading to see the latest 10 German entries, and then vote down below!

First let’s look back to 2006. The group was Texas Lightning, and the song was No No Never. The band was fronted by an Australian singer, Jane Comerford. This was one of the first times country music as a genre had made an appearance at Eurovision, however, at the time, it only received 36 points, leaving them in 14th place.

In 2007, Germany stepped away from country music, and transitioned to something quite different. Roger Cicero is a German Jazz and Pop musician. His song Frauen Regier’n die Welt was the first time Eurovision audiences had heard a German language song sent by Germany since 2001, and has been the only song since to feature German (although as pointed out, German has featured in the songs of a number of different countries in more recent years, but Germany itself has not sent a song with German in it since 2007). The song received more points than the previous year, however it only placed them at 19th place.

Germany then placed their hopes in the girl group, No Angels. The group performed the song Disappear, which like the previous two songs, failed to make an impact on Europe’s audiences, reaching 23rd place with 14 points.

In 2009, Germany returned to a jazzy, swing inspired number. The duo Alex Swings Oscar Sings performed the song Miss Kiss Kiss Bang, and featured burlesque star Dita von Teese on stage. Despite the star appeal, the song placed 20th with 35 points.

Now to one of the most popular German entries, at least of the past 10 years. Lena, with her little black dress, performed a simple, catchy song titled Satellite, and performed without the bells and whistles. This strategy worked for the veteran nation, earning them a win, and therefore the right to host the contest in 2011.

In 2011, on home ground, Germany sent Lena again, with a more mysterious sounding song. The song Taken by a Stranger didn’t give Germany back to back wins, however Lena did get a respectable 10th place, with 107 points.

In 2012, Germany chose to send Roman Lob, who performed Standing Still. The song continued Germany’s quest for simplicity, and it resulted in coming 8th, with a total of 110 points.

Now to 2013, where the nation sent arguably one of the most well-known acts, when we take their 10 year Eurovision history in consideration. The act was Cascada, a popular dance act known for their songs ‘Everytime we Touch’ and ‘what hurts the most.’ At Eurovision, the representative song was Glorious however the result was less than glorious, reaching only 21st place with 18 points.

Elaiza was the band to follow on from Cascada, with the song Is it Right. The three piece only slightly bettered Cascada’s results, receiving 39 points leaving them in 18th place.

That leads us to 2015, where Ann Sophie was (eventually) decided as the winner. In a very Lena-esque performance, the song seems to be dividing fans. Watch the song below:

Now is your chance to vote! Vote in the poll below to let us know which song from Germany in the last 10 years is your best of the bunch!