2015 Reviews – Georgia – Nina Sublatti – Warrior

Today we look at Georgia, who have chosen this years’ second warrior (if you live under a rock, Malta picked a song called warrior too). Before I discuss which warrior I think is better, let’s first discuss the song on its own. I think the song in its national final days was pretty average. It was good in the context of the national final, but compared to other songs that had already been released at that time, I didn’t rate this song.

And then came the revamp. (You can read more about my thoughts on revamping, including the revamp of this song here) The song became a lot more powerful, a lot punchier. It suddenly had Eurovision pop power, and I started to take the song seriously. Nina is a powerful singer, and with the right staging, this could be a dark horse. I’m slightly hesitant to say that it will win, but I think it could do really well, and compared to last year’s Georgian performance, a qualification into the final would be a welcomed improvement.

Taking it all into consideration, I’m going to give this a 7/10. I think it’s a definite qualifier, and I will be really surprised if it doesn’t make it to the final.

P.S – I think this Warrior is better than the Maltese Warrior but shhh, don’t tell Amber!

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