2015 Reviews – Norway – Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me

Norway took us back to a time where the orchestra was a norm. Conveniently, they chose a song which compliments an orchestra perfectly. The song has a similar tone to last year’s entry, Silent Storm, which I still think to this very day was ripped off – totally should have been in the top 5!

I will admit, I haven’t listened to this song very much, but listening to it now, I’m questioning myself as to why I haven’t. This song is really great. It has such a modern feel to it, and that’s exactly what Eurovision needs. His voice is really mesmerising, however I’m not sure about hers, as it’s a bit touch and go at times. Together, their voices do work well. I’m definitely growing to like this song, and I can see it being a hit for me after Eurovision.

Their staging will no doubt be simplistic, which is what the song needs. However I do feel as this could be one of those songs where people watching at home may leave the room at the start, and then miss the best bits of the song, which is where it builds. This is definitely one of the better ballads of the year due to its sophistication and its modern feel.

I think it’s strong enough to qualify, and I’m going to give it a respectable 7.5/10.

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