2015 Reviews – Portugal – Leonor Andrade – Ha um mar que nos Separa

Leonor Andrade was the lucky participant to represent Portugal this year, with the song Ha um Mar que nos Separa. The song is in Portugese, which comes as no surprise, as it’s a tradition for Portugal to sing in their national language, and good on them.

Even though I love that it’s in Portuguese, I have to say that I don’t like this song. I think this is one of the poorest songs this year. The song is so, so flat, and there is just nothing really going for it. From her appearance in the video, it seems as if the song is meant to be edgy, and she’s trying to make it look and sound like a rock song but it’s just not. The key change at the end is useless, and not very well executed.

I listen to this song and don’t have any desire to listen to it again. To be brutally honest, I can’t see it qualifying to the final. Maybe I’m speaking too soon, and maybe the rehearsal will surprise me, but for now, I don’t really rate it. I can hear the potential in the song – the best way I can describe it is that it sounds like the first draft of the song. Even small changes to the backing music would lift the song a considerable amount, and getting rid of that horrible key change!

All that into consideration, I’m giving this song a 3/10.

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