2015 Reviews – Switzerland – Melanie Rene – Time to Shine

Oh boy, this is the classic tale of Switzerland. Their national final is more often than not, full of amateur, clumsy and outdated performances, and is in desperate need of an update. Sometimes Switzerland has a good enough character on stage to charm audiences – prime example being Sebalter from 2014, but without the charming smile, his song was just a bunch of what the heck.

This year, Melanie Rene was chosen as the representative with the cliché song Time to Shine. It wouldn’t be Eurovision without a song about some sort of Shine. At first, I really wasn’t wowed by this song, even to the extent that it was down the bottom of my rankings. Now, there are far worse songs which have overtaken it, but I still don’t really see the potential in this song.

The song to me sounds really outdated, it’s something that should have been chosen by Switzerland back in 2007/2008, and then, it would have been a really modern sounding song. I think the melody is kinda clumsy and it’s a bit hard to follow on for a first time listener.

Saying all that, I could be proven wrong – it might be Melanie’s time to shine after all. For now, I’m personally giving it a 5/10. I don’t really know how audiences will respond to this, as I didn’t think Sebalter would make it last year, but he was a hit across Europe, so who knows.

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