2015 JESC Review – Malta – Destiny Chukunyere – Not My Soul

Malta has come to dominate Junior Eurovision since Gaia Cauchi, where they found their rhythm within the contest. This year, they have chosen the soulful Destiny Chukunyere with the song ‘Not My Soul.’

Destiny, in her colourful music video, brings out the soul in me. I think this is such a funky song that will boost audiences in the arena in Sofia. There is enough repetition to be able to catch onto the lyrics almost immediately. Her huge voice embodies the lyrics perfectly, as there’s no way you can take the soul out of this song.

We haven’t yet heard this song sung live, and I don’t know how they will stage the performance, but I really think this will at least get a top 5 place. Her voice in her other clips, even from the national final, are strong, so this could really get the audience, and all the home viewers up and bopping. I also think this will resonate with the televoters and jury, which will put it in a really good position come the night of the contest.

Overall, we could see Junior Eurovision head back to Malta for 2016, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we do. I managed to listen to this song about 30 times in a row, so there’s no surprise in saying I love it.

I’m giving it a 9/10.