2015 JESC Reviews – Belarus – Ruslan Aslanov – Volshebstvo

Belarus was one of the first countries to choose their song for this year’s Junior Eurovision, with the vote comfortably going in Ruslan Aslanov’s favour, winning both the jury and televote with his spectacular performance of Volshebstvo.

I’m going to come right out and say it…. This is my winner. Until this day, there hasn’t been a JESC song that matches the brilliance of this song. This is my 2015 Planet of the Children, and I absolutely WOULD have voted for it if Australia was allowed to vote! (But let’s not get too sidetracked).

Volshebstvo is a slower ballad but his vocals are absolutely flawless. Not only does his vocal ability absolutely blow me away, but his stage presence is really good. At the national final he engaged really well with the cameras, and although his staging was simple, it really works for me.

The song builds well, and there is enough vocal variation to keep the audience interested in the song. I think this will be a huge hit with the jury at least, if not both the jury and televoters. One thing I am worried about is whether they will incorporate English into the song, which I really hope they don’t. One of the many reasons I love Junior Eurovision is because we hear such a variety of language which has slowly disappeared at Eurovision, so I hope that if they do decide to add English, I hope that it doesn’t butcher the song.

Overall, this is 100% my absolute favourite to win this year. I think it’s incredibly underrated, and I hope audiences support it on the night to AT LEAST get a top 3 result (top 5 at the worst). I can’t not give this song a 10/10. Ruslan, you have my total support!