2015 JESC Reviews – Georgia – The Virus – Gabede

Georgia can be considered one of the powerhouses in Junior Eurovision, with 2 wins under their belt, as well as an almost consistent place in the top 5 since their debut. The nation always seems to come up with something different each year, and this is no exception. This year, they have chosen the band The Virus, who will be singing the song Gabede.

This quirky group and song have stumped me. I’m neither here nor there about it, and I can’t tell if I love it or hate it. I had the same feeling about Georgia’s entry in regular, adult Eurovision in 2014 where I was just plain confused, but in the end, loved it.

Just like all Georgian entries, it has that catchy hook that really pulls you into the song. The chorus is fabulous, and the more you listen to it, the more you want to sing along with them. I think it builds well from the first verse, but after that, it’s all very upbeat, which I think will work in their favour, especially if surrounded by ballads.

Naturally I think this will have a bit of an extravagant staging, something very colourful and eye catching. I can see this doing really well, unless the vocals lack something on the night. Overall I do think I like this song, enough to give it a 6/10.