2015 JESC Reviews – Armenia – MIKA – Love

Since their debut in 2007, Armenia have won Junior Eurovision, come second twice, and third twice – all in 9 years! This year, Michael Varosyan, better known as MIKA will be representing Armenia at the contest, hoping to follow on from their successes in previous years. The song is called Love, and it’s a catchy, upbeat song with a fun music video.

The song is no doubt an earworm, and will stick in the mind of the audience and the jury, its popularity to only be strengthened by the recaps during voting. The song is so reminiscent of the music of Aram mp3, so it doesn’t surprise me that he is a mentor to MIKA, and stars in the clip. Even MIKA himself is like a mini Aram mp3!

The song is upbeat, and will stand out between Belarus and Ukraine. I can see the staging of this taking influence from the video clip, which is very energetic and colourful. The song also reminds me of something Georgia would bring to Junior Eurovision, as it’s very quirky but not so quirky that it ruins the enjoyment of the song.

Overall, I do love this song, enough to give it an 8/10, and I think audiences will agree, and I do believe this will end up in the top 5.