2015 JESC Reviews – Albania – Mishela Rapo – Dambaje

Albania have chosen to participate this year in Junior Eurovision for the second time, the first being in 2012 where unfortunately their participant Igzidora ended up in last place. This year, they’re giving it a red hot go with Mishela Rapo singing the song Dambaje.

The first video the broadcaster released, I was incredibly underwhelmed, especially due to the sound quality. I will admit, I dismissed it quickly, but since the release of the official video, I have definitely given it more time of day. The song has a really great message of spreading the love, which is incredibly relevant in our time. However, there is something about this song that I just don’t feel a connection with, potentially it’s calypso sound.

I can say that this should do better than Albania’s previous attempt at the Junior Contest, but similar to F.Y.R Macedonia (which you can read about here) I really think that the song will be lost on the night with so many amazing songs.

Overall, I will give it a 5/10 – it is in the same league as F.Y.R Macedonia in my opinion, but of course, I’m willing to be surprised on the night!