2015 JESC Reviews – Montenegro – Jana Mirkovic – Oluja

After their debut in 2014, Montenegro have come back to have another go at Junior Eurovision with the song Oluja, sung by Jana Mirkovic. This time around, the song was written by the same team who wrote Molitva, which was Serbia’s winning Eurovision entry in 2007.

The song is very upbeat and kid friendly, with an easy beat to get caught on. However, there seems to be a lot of repetition, and it’s interesting that halfway through the song, they have an instrumental which actually lasts a while, considering that the song only goes for 3 minutes.

I think this song was quite lucky to draw last, because if it was drawn right in the middle, or a couple of places before, this song would have been so lost. I’m not sure how much the running order will really impact, but having this song as the last one performed might mean it sticks in the heads of the audiences. To be honest, I think this song needs as much help as it can get, and even though it has a catchy beat, it comes across as so one dimensional.

Overall, I don’t enjoy this song as much as I would like to, as a mixture of the cheesy music video and the flat song don’t appeal to me as much as other songs this year. In a year filled with ballads this would stand out, but there’s enough pop this year to stop it from shining. I’m going to give this a 4/10, but I am interested to see how this does on the night.