2015 JESC Reviews – San Marino – Kamilla Ismailova – Mirror

San Marino have now participated for 3 years in Junior Eurovision, and you must commend their determination considering just how small the nation actually is. This year, they’ve gone out of their national boundaries to enlist a Russian singer, Kamilla Ismailova to sing the song Mirror.

And my gosh it shows. As an Italian speaker, listening to this song is incredibly frustrating because the Italian has no clarity, due to such a thick accent that Kamilla sings with during this song. I think this song would have been amazing but the performance does nothing for me. I feel for young Kamilla, who is singing in a language which is not native to her, and I commend her for learning the language enough to be able to sing this on the Junior Eurovision stage representing San Marino but this just doesn’t cut it.

Honestly, the first time listening to the entirety of this song was to review it for this very post, because I just cannot stand listening to Italian being sung with such a thick accent. After looking at other opinions on this song, I can clearly see that some people are obviously not as bothered as I am, and the song seems to be dividing opinions from one extreme to another.

The only hope this song has in my opinions is the support from the Eastern nations, but I really can’t see this cracking the top 10. Overall, this is incredibly underwhelming, however the song would have such potential if Kamilla had more time to perfect her Italian, but a big commendation for getting up on stage and singing in a foreign language, it’s a hard task, that’s for sure! I will give this 4/10, regretfully, but for the reasons mentioned above, I just can’t rate it any better…