2015 JESC Reviews – Ukraine – Anna Trincher – Pochny z sebe

This year, the Ukraine has decided to send Anna Trincher with the song Pochny z sebe (start with yourself). Ukraine last had a win with Anastasiya Petryk back in 2012, but is this Ukraine’s year to shine once again?

The song that Anna will take to the stage with has this sense of mystery, especially in the verses, but then reverts back to a nice pop tune. Her voice is seemingly off key during the verses, but somehow makes sense in the song. For me, just after this song was chosen, I was quite uninterested, and always ended up back on the Belarussian music video (read my review on Belarus here) but more recently, around the rehearsal time, I’ve seen a potential in this song. Being Ukrainian will certainly help, as their songs seem to grab a reasonable amount of points each year, even with quite average songs.

I sense that this song will be in the middle pack of songs – middle to top of the results table. I don’t think this is a winning song, but I also know that anything can happen during Junior Eurovision *cough cough, Candy Music winning in 2011, cough cough* so in that sense I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it did manage to pull a win, especially with the over the top props they plan to use.

Overall, I can’t say that I love this song, but I also don’t hate it. I will give it a 5/10 once again, in the same league as Albania and F.Y.R Macedonia (you can find their reviews here). I just find it to be nothing special, it’s just average to me.