Eneda Tarifa Reveals her Fairytale Revamp

You’ll remember back in December last year, Albania held their national final process Festivali I Kenges, where Eneda Tarifa won with song Përrallë. If you would like to read more about the selection process, click here, where you will find an overview of the show.

Since then, it was confirmed that Albania would not be represented by a song in Albanian, and that it would be revamped into an English version for Eurovision. The song is now called Fairytale, and was written by Olsa Toqi.

About Eneda:

Eneda Tarifa was born in 1982, and since the age of 6 has demonstrated a keen interest for music by taking part in different activities during her schooling years. In later years, she studied philosophy and sociology.

During her career as a music artist, she has taken part in many concerts and events since 2004. One of her biggest achievements was winning the top prize in the popular competition Top Fest with the song Me Veten, which then became a hit in Albania and Kosovo. In 2011, she broadened her career by working as an actress and TV host on Portokalli, which is one of the most well-known evening shows in Albania.

This experience in the music and television worlds will provide her the confidence to be able to perform on the Eurovision stage – and now, we can finally listen to the revamped version of her Festivali I Kenges winning song!

Listen to the song down below, and if you think Albania could win Eurovision for the first time this year, make sure to vote for them in our poll, which you can find here.