Rykka to Represent Switzerland!

At the show held in the Bodensee Arena in Kruzlingen, six acts took to the stage to fight for the opportunity to represent Switzerland at Eurovision this year. The process to reach the final has been a lengthy one, with certain stages each artist has to go through to earn their spot. The final was not only to present their Eurovision entries to the public, but each artist also performed a cover song of their choosing.

Here are the artists that performed, and the cover songs they decided to sing:

  • Vincent Gross – Half A Smile

  • Bella C – Another World

  • Kaceo – Disque d’or

  • Theo – Because Of You

  • Rykka – The Last Of Our Kind

  • Stanley Miller – Feel The Love

Cover Songs:

  • Vincent Gross – Astronaut (original by Sido & Andreas Bourani)

  • Bella C – Empire State Of Mind (Part II) (original by Alicia Keys)

  • Kaceo – Video Killed The Radio Star (original by The Buggles)

  • Theo – Photograph (original by Ed Sheeran)

  • Rykka – Love Me Like You Do (original by Ellie Goulding)

  • Stanley Miller – Hello (original by Adele)

The voting was a 50/50 split between the public, and the jury, which consisted of 10 members. The voting revealed that it was Rykka who had won, followed by Bella C and Vincent Gross. Rykka will be singing The Last of Our Kind at Eurovision this year.

Rykka, whose real name is Christina Rieder was born in Vancouver, Canada, into a very musical family. She attended a musical school, and for a long time, toured across Canada as a street performer. Along the way, she recorded some albums. At the moment, she lives in Zurich together with her husband, housemates and cat Charlie.

Listen to the song down below, and if you think Rykka has what it takes to take out Eurovision, make sure to vote for her in our poll, which you can find here.

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