2016 Reviews – Denmark – Lighthouse X – Soldiers of Love

Last year, Denmark failed to qualify for the final, which is pretty unheard of for Denmark. The choice last year was a cutesy boyband with a cutesy song – and this year, Denmark seems to be still enjoying the cutesy boyband’s, as they’ve chosen the trio Lighthouse X with the song Soldiers of Love. Will this be another flop for an otherwise successful Eurovision nation?

When this was chosen, many were annoyed that Anja or Simone weren’t chosen, and I can see why that might have been a legitimate complaint. I LOVE Heart Shaped Hole as much as the next person, but what I can say, is that I also love Soldiers of Love. This song for me has the whole package – the attractive singers, the catchy song, and the perfect live vocals.

Yes, this is a pretty generic pop song, but to me this song stands out when the trio harmonise. There’s absolutely no point commenting on the actual music of the song, as it’s so standard, but this is a song all about the punchy and catchy chorus. Even for me, the verses are so-so, but when those three boys hit that first line of the chorus, I get a bit weak at the knees.

This is a song that’s very cliché, and doesn’t really go anywhere, but it’s a song I find to be completely underrated. At the end of the day, it’s a song that can make the audience get up and dance, and just feel happy, and that’s what this song does to me.

I think the staging might be quite similar to the staging in the national final, and I’d be pretty happy with that. If anything, it might be too simple, but on the other hand I’m not sure a De Toppers (Netherlands, 2009) style performance will work overly well in this day and age.

Being a part of the second semi-final, this song has as good of a chance as any, and if Anti-Social Media made it to the final, I’d say this had a definite chance to qualify, but because last year flopped, I’m not sure if this will too. I really hope not, because I’m giving it an 8/10. I think it’s severely underrated – go Denmark!

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