2016 JESC Reviews – Bulgaria – Lidia Ganeva – Magical Day

Bulgaria tends to be one of those countries who delivers to the highest of heights, or alternatively delivers something that ends up in the forgotten pile both in regards to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision. I’m starting to think that finally, Bulgaria has worked out what it takes to present Europe with successful songs. This year, Lidia Ganeva will be representing Bulgaria with the song Magical Day, and I’m happy to say, Bulgaria has delivered what I think will be a successful song.

Magical Day is a catchy pop song with hooks that will stick in your mind after listening to it. It’s not a complex song by any means, but if Lidia performs the higher and stronger notes as she does in the studio version, her vocals are what will push this song up there at least into the top 10. What I enjoy about this song, is that the message behind the song is meaningful, whilst also maintaining the innocence – this song isn’t trying to be an adult song in a kids contest.

I really hope the staging of this song matches the playfulness of the film clip, without featuring anything too gimmicky. They have the song, and now all they need is a successful stage performance and they could find themselves somewhere close to the top. Having 100% jury vote I don’t think will affect this, as for me sounds as if it would have appealed to both televoters and juries, so I don’t think they will be at a loss without the televoters.

Overall I enjoy this song, and I hope to see it do well come contest day. I’m going to give this song an 8/10.