Spain to use Objetivo Eurovisión to select their 2017 act!

The Spanish broadcaster, RTVE announced earlier in the month that they were going to stick with their national final selection process to choose who would represent Spain at Eurovision next year. During the month, there has been a submission process, where at the end, a group of artists will be internally selected to perform at the national final in February next year. Additionally, there will be an extra participant who will be selected through the website. The national final winner will then be chosen through jury and public votes, and as in 2016, the winner will get to represent their nation on the Eurovision stage.

Among over 135 submissions to RTVE, one of those is former national final participant Brequette. She performed back in 2014 with the song Más (Run), and although she was a fan favourite, she faced tough competition from Ruth Lorenzo. For 2017, Brequette has submitted three entries, one of which has just been released online, titled No Enemy. The Spanish entrant for 2016, Barei and her partner Rubén Villanueva composed the track.

The submission period ended today (27/11), so from now, the entries will be culled down to a smaller number which will then be up for selection for the show to be held in February. Listen to No Enemy down below: