2016 JESC Reviews – Serbia – Dunja Jeličić – U La La La

Serbia is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Junior Eurovision, reaching some top 5 positions, including two 3rd places, and some less desirable results. This year, an internal selection resulted in Dunja Jeličić and the song U La La La, but could this be the winning combination?

U La La La could be one of this years’ catchiest songs, with the winning hook of U La La La to stick in the minds of the audience, and the juries. The song starts with Dunja singing in a lower register, which I don’t necessarily think suits her. The chorus is really where this song shines, and the song continues to improve from there. The second verse, she seems to be singing in a range which sounds a bit more comfortable. She has some really strong vocal runs towards the end of the song which take the song to that next level, and without them it could have been just that bit too much repetition.

Judging from the official video, Dunja has a lot of energy and a sassiness which I hope they show on stage come Junior Eurovision time. I can envision this song to be backed up with some strong choreography, with something a little edgy or cool to match the vibes of the video.

I think this is so close to being a winning song. It’s an enjoyable song to listen to but I think it will be overtaken by some of the other songs. It seems to be hit or miss with some people so it will be interesting to see where it ends up.

I’m going to give it an 8/10