Best of the Bunch: Lithuania

Lithuania haven’t been the most successful of nations at Eurovision, but even though they haven’t yet scored a win, there are still a few gems from over the years. Today, we’re going to be looking at the Lithuanian entries between the years 2006 and 2015 to decide which song is the Best of the Bunch! Read the recaps below, and make sure to vote in the poll!

Our first song today is from 2006, where the group LT United sung the comical song We Are The Winners. They claimed to be the winners of Eurovision, and that confidence sent them through to the final, and they ended up in a very respectable 6th place, which still remains the highest placing Lithuanian song since their debut in 1994.

The following year, Lithuania sent another group to Eurovision, called 4Fun. The song was called Love or Leave, and was automatically qualified to the final due to the top 10 position in the previous year. In the final however, the song ended up in position 21 with 28 points.

In 2008, Jeronimas Milius flew the flag for the nation and performed the ballad Nomads in the Night. Unfortunately, Lithuania failed to qualify for the final, ending up in 16th place in the semi-final with a total of 30 points.

The next year, Lithuania sent another male soloist in the form of Sasha Son singing the ballad in English and Russian called Love. He scraped into the final, and ended up in 23rd place in the final with 23 points also.

In 2010, Lithuania sent a group full of energy called InCulto. The funky song, Eastern European Funk impressed viewers, but not enough to qualify for the final. It just missed out, ending up in 12 place in the semi-final with 44 points.

Evelina Sašenko was the next Lithuanian participant, who sung the classy ballad called C’est ma Vie. Lithuania once again reached the final with this song and singer duo, ending up in 19th place in the final with 63 points.

2012 marked the first time Eurovision audiences were introduced to Donny Montell, who represented the nation with a ballad turned disco pop tune called Love is Blind. He came 3rd in the semi-final, a record high for qualification, and then ended up in 14th place in the final.

A national final selected Andrius Pojavis as the Lithuanian act for 2013. The song was called Something, and there must have been something good about it, because it just squeezed into the final, and finished off in 22nd place in the final.

In 2014, Vilija and her crazy costumes were chosen to represent the nation with the song Attention. It almost grabbed enough attention, reaching 11th place in the semi-final, and therefore just missing out on the final.

Lastly, the duo of Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila were chosen in 2015 to sing the cutesy love song This Time. They even enjoyed a kiss on stage! They made it through the final, and then ended up in 18th place in the final with 30 points.

We’ve now come to the end of our Lithuanian journey! Now we’ve listened to the last 10 entries, now it’s your time to tell us which of these songs is your Best of the Bunch! Vote for one, or for all in the poll below: