2016 JESC Reviews – The Netherlands – Kisses – Kisses and Dancin’

The Netherlands have participated in Junior Eurovision since its inception in 2003, and have won the contest once, and had one second place in amongst a varying range of results over the years. This year they chose the girl group Kisses with the song called Kisses and Dancin’. Could this bring success back to the Netherlands?

The song is a playful, girly pop tune which certainly doesn’t lack in energy. Upon first listen, I fell straight in love with this song. Having the chorus in English is definitely a good move, as it’s the part of the song that you will continue singing even after the song is over. I think in comparison with the other upbeat pop songs this year, it does sound more kid oriented, whereas some of the others could fit even into adult Eurovision. For me, it’s not a problem in this case, because I really enjoy the song, however if we’re comparing pop entries, it definitely does have a lot of competition this year.

The song is dynamic, and I expect something energetic and colourful on stage. This is also a song that calls for some choreographed dance moves. It would be cool to see the audience up on their feet dancing along with the song, and singing along with the catchy melody. If the audience doesn’t love this song as much as me, at least it’s a certainty that I’ll be at home singing ‘whooah ohh WHOAH OHH!

This is my Junior Eurovision guilty pleasure this year, and even though I have a feeling it will get lost between the other great upbeat pop entries, I really hope this does well.

I’m going to give it 9/10.