2016 JESC Reviews – Cyprus – George Michaelides – Dance Floor

Cyprus is returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year after a short absence. George Michaelides will be taking the song Dance Floor to the contest. Could it bring Cyprus their best result in Junior Eurovision ever?

The song starts very promisingly, with an intriguing intro. Over the verses, the song builds to what you know will be a banging chorus. I enjoy the absence of a really wordy chorus, as it gives a good break between the verses. The song changes beat throughout the song which I think brings interest to the song, rather than being a stock standard, generic pop song. I think it’s quite interesting to see a more dance style song in Junior Eurovision, rather than just a pop entry, although saying this, its results could go either way.

I think the staging of this could be really cool. Having George dance like he does in the film clip, and even having backing dancers as support could make this a really cool stage performance. Backed up by a really flashy or modern but simple stage background could make this song stand out, but in a good way. I think this is the type of song which potentially the stage performance makes or breaks it, and I hope they do something that promotes this song in a positive way.

This song seems to be quite hit and miss with Junior Eurovision fans thus far, but for me, I quite like it. I don’t think it will reach top 5 status, but it certainly doesn’t deserve a low spot on the table.

I’m going to give this a 7/10.