Saara Aalto dazzles on the X Factor UK!

Saara Aalto, as some of you may remember, participated in the National Final for Finland in both 2011 and 2016 with the songs Blessed With Love and No Fear respectively. Previous to this, Saara had participated in Talent Suomi, finishing in the top 3, and later on, she participated in the Voice of Finland, where she placed 2nd.

Currently, Saara Aalto is trying her luck in the UK, where she is now featuring on the popular music competition, X Factor. After dazzling judges in the auditions, Saara landed a place in the live finals, with her mentor Sharon Osbourne.

It is now 8 weeks into the live finals, and Saara lives on. Out of those 8 weeks, Saara has landed in the bottom 3 a total of three times, with the results of week 8 to be revealed, however she always squeezes her way through to the following week. There are only 5 acts left, soon to be 4, and 2 weeks left, and Saara is one of them, so could she win the UK X Factor?

Let’s take a look at her performances up to now:

In week 1, Saara performed the popular song from Frozen, called Let It Go. This left her in the bottom three. Watch the performance here:

In week 2, the theme was Motown, so Saara performed the song River Deep – Mountain High. For the second week in a row, it left her in the bottom three, but in the sing off, she survived once again. Listen here:

The following week, the theme of the show was Divas, and Saara performed the song It’s Oh So Quiet. This week, Saara was safe from elimination. Watch here:

In week 4, the theme was Fright Night, and the song Bad Romance was the song chosen for Aalto to sing. Luckily, again, she was safe from elimination. Listen:

That brings us to week 5, where the theme was Girlband vs. Boyband. Saara performed the song Sound of the Underground, which for the third time put her into the bottom 3. Luckily, the judges chose to save her once again. Watch the performance here:

In week 6, the theme of the show was Disco! Saara opened the show with the track No More Tears (Enough is Enough) and was safe from elimination. Here is the performance:

Week 7 had the theme of Movies, and Saara tackled the song My Heart Will Go On, which featured in the film Titanic. Again, she was safe from elimination. Listen here:

That brings us to week 8, which the results will be known later today. There were two performances from each act this week, and the first was chosen by Louis Walsh, and the second was the contestants’ choice. Saara performed The Winner Takes It All, and Diamonds are Forever/Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Stay tuned for the rest of Saara’s X Factor journey, and hopefully she makes it to the end and takes out the win!