Greta Salóme releases Running Out of Time

Former Eurovision participant, and fan favourite Greta Salóme has released a new track titled Running out of Time. The Icelandic singer-songwriter, and violinist released the track which shows off the more mellow side, and comes after her previous single titled Row, which she filmed against the incredible Icelandic scenery.

The video clip for Running out of Time features Greta simply in front of a black background, allowing you to focus on her angelic voice and the sound of the strings. This is a change of pace after her Eurovision entry, which was the powerful song Hear Them Calling, which featured an intricate and captivating stage performance.

The calling card for this song is its simplicity and beauty, and Greta fits in with this indie pop style. Featuring the violin is always a masterstroke on her part, as it gives her music depth and intricacies which meld well with her vocals.

The production was done by SILENT, and the director of Photography was Nazar Davidoff, who was also the editor of the film clip. The Art Direction was done by Greta herself. The lyrics are below, where you can also watch the video and listen to the song!


Slowly, slowly fade into this recklessness
slipping further now.
So close the blinds and shut the whole world out
forget about it all for a while.

We´re running we are running out of time
so hold me ´till we´re bruised by morning light
and all that´s left is one goodbye
We are running out, running out of time.

Slowly slowly sink into this restlessness
we pass the point of no return.
Cross our hearts we close our eyes and go
we´re slipping deeper into the unknown.