Best of the Bunch: Sweden

Sweden has come out on top in recent years, with fairly consistent results in the top 10. Since 2006, which is where we begin our journey today, Sweden has only missed the final once, and achieved six top 5 results, including two 3rd places and 2 winning songs. With so many great songs, it’s hard for us to choose our Best of the Bunch, so we need your help to choose! Recap on 10 years of Swedish entries down below, and then vote in the poll!

Back in 2006, Sweden sent Carola, who was appearing in Eurovision for the 3rd time (with one of those times, a winning song!). This year, she performed the song Invincible, which like her previous attempts, were popular with European audiences. She ended up in 5th place with a total of 170 points.

The following year, the band The Ark were chosen to represent the northern nation with the song The Worrying Kind. Since they ended up in the top 10 in the previous year, The Ark had the easy road straight to the final, where they ended up in 18th place with 51 points.

In 2008, Sweden sent another former participant, and winner, in Charlotte Perrelli. Her song, Hero, wasn’t as popular as her 1999 winner, only just qualifying to the final due to the backup jury selection. In the final, she also ended up in 18th spot.

Malena Ernman was the chosen participant for Sweden in 2009, where she performed the pop opera number called La Voix. Despite qualifying in 4th place from the semi-final, some of the momentum was lost, as she ended up in 21st position in the final with 33 points.

In 2010, tragedy struck and Sweden didn’t qualify for the final! Anna Bergendahl was the participant, and she only missed on by a hair, ending up in 11th place in the semi-final with the song This is My Life.

In 2011, Sweden came back with a vengeance. Eric Saade had the responsibility to bring Sweden back to the final, and that he did. With the song Popular, he qualified to the final in 1st place, and then ended up in 3rd place in the final with a total of 185 points.

The forward momentum continued, as in 2012, Sweden sent Loreen, who upon her national selection, became the early favourite for Eurovision. Her song Euphoria captured Europe’s hearts, and she was 1st in both the semi-final and the final.

As the host country, Sweden sent Robin Stjernberg with the song You. The pop number slipped out of the top 10 for Sweden, reaching 14th place with a total of 62 points.

In 2014, the Melodifestivalen winner was Sanna Nielsen with the song Undo. This was another popular entry from Sweden, and qualified 2nd from the semi-final, and reaching another 3rd place, making it the 3rd top 3 results in 4 years.

Lastly, we finish our journey at 2015, where Måns Zelmerlöw was selected to represent Sweden with the song Heroes. The song, and the presentation on stage won over Europe once again, and we saw the contest return back to Sweden for 2016.

Which Swedish song is your Best of the Bunch? Vote for one, or for many, below!