Top 5 Christmas Songs by Eurovision Artists!

It’s that time of year again where everyone gets in the festive mood to celebrate Christmas. A major part of the festive season is Christmas Carols, so in honour of that, we’ve searched the corners of the web to find our favourite Christmas tunes sung by some of our favourite Eurovision artists.

5. Yohanna – Coming Home

Rounding out our top 5 is the 2009 runner up, Yohanna, whose voice perfectly lends itself to the delicateness of Christmas tunes. The song Coming Home combines the themes of Love, Togetherness and Christmas, and results in a softer Christmas ballad. The simple backing music gives Yohanna’s incredible voice to shine through, and shine it does.

4. Cascada – Jingle Bell Rock

In 2013, Cascada represented Germany at Eurovision with the song Glorious, and what’s even more Glorious at this time of year is her cover of Jingle Bell Rock. In true Cascada style, the song bursts into a pop dance rendition with a strong beat backing her powerful voice. When you listen to too many slower Christmas carols in a row, they can become a bit dull, so what’s better than a bit of Cascada to spice up your Christmas playlists!

3. Dami Im – The First Noel

In Australia, there are a number of Christmas concerts during the festive season to celebrate this time of year, and during these televised concerts, a number of nationally and internationally renowned artists take to the stage to perform everyone’s favourite Christmas Carols. This year, during the Carols in the Domain, Dami Im performed a few songs, including The First Noel. Backed by the choir, the performance sounds quite traditional, however in true Dami Im style, the song has moments of pure magic. Her voice has this special quality that suits Christmas tunes such as this one, so it had to be featured on the list!

2. The Common Linnets – Christmas Around Me

Coming in at second place is The Common Linnets, who represented the Netherlands in Eurovision 2014. The acoustic sound and Ilse’s angelic voice match this slower Christmas tune. The song is called Christmas Around Me, and featured on the Special Edition of their debut, self-titled album. This song is a nice, calm Christmas tune that gives you a nice break from all those upbeat and energetic carols.

1. Alexander Rybak & Ann-Sofi Klevfoss – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest released a whole Christmas album, so it was a no brainer to feature at least one of his Christmas tunes in our top 5. Despite having plenty of choice, I just had to pick the duet between Alexander and Ann-Sofi Klevfoss, with the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. The song in general is a very cutesy song, and Alexander and Ann-Sofi definitely play upon that in their cover. It’s playful and theatrical, and totally deserving of our number 1, and a spot on our Christmas playlists!