LeKlein Triumphs, Objetivo Eurovisión line up complete!

Last night, the #Eurocasting portion of Spain’s national selection came to a close, with three acts taking place in the special #Eurocasting final to decide which public voted act would be the wildcard entry into the Objetivo Eurovisión final.

Three acts competed in this final,

  • Fruela – Live it Up

  • Javián – No somos héroes

  • LeKlein – Ouch!

After the three acts performed their entries, there was a voting period of 15 minutes, and then LeKlein was officially announced the winner. The vote was fairly clear, with LeKlein winning with a huge 63.3% of the vote. Second was Javián with 21.7% of the vote, and third was Fruela with 15% of the vote.

LeKlein will join these artists, which we reported on recently, however we now know the songs they will be singing.

  • Maika – Momento Critico

  • Manel Navarro – Do It for Your Lover

  • Mario Jefferson – Spin my Head

  • Mirela Cabero – Contigo

  • Paula Rojo – Lo que nunca fue

  • LeKlein – Ouch!

The Objetivo Eurovisión will take place in February, in Madrid. Listen to LeKlein perform Ouch! at #Eurocasting here: