What’s On This Weekend? Your Eurovision Guide! (Part 2)

In Part One of What’s On This Weekend, we gave a preview on the national finals being held on Saturday, which includes heats from Hungary and Lithuania, and semi-finals from Sweden and Ukraine. If that isn’t enough Eurovision for you, don’t worry, because there’s more! On Sunday, there are two shows to choose from, the first being Latvia’s Quarter Final, and the other being Switzerland’s national final.

Here we’re going to recap on all the acts performing to help you decide which show you should watch!

Latvia – 5th February

There’s no Aminata this year (she decided to dip her toe elsewhere and write a song for Lithuania’s national final) however this is no indication that Latvia’s Supernova is not worth watching. There are 22 acts competing this year, all of which we have high hopes for, as Latvia knows what it takes to reach the top of the leader board, although this year, they will have to do it without Aminata’s help!

In this week’s quarter final, we’ll be seeing 11 of the acts. They are:

  • Linda Leen – Who Is In Charge

  • Katrīna Cīrule – Blood Runs Quicker

  • Anna Zankovska – Rage Love

  • Lauris Valters – Magic Years

  • Edgars Kreilis – We Are Angels

  • First Question – Naked

  • Miks Dukurs – Spiritual Priest

  • Pikaso – U (Can Keep Your Cools)

  • Crime Sea – Escape

  • Franco Franco – Up

  • Rock’n’Berries – Feel the Love

From this Quarter final, only 4 acts will continue on to the next round. A total of eight acts will take part in the semi-final, where again, 4 acts will then qualify to the final. If you haven’t watched Supernova before and you decide to watch it in 2017, you may be greeted by an interesting and entertaining guest. Rigas Bebrs is Latvia’s, and now Europe’s favourite cultural icon, who graced our television screens a few years back as part of the commercial break entertainment, and now, the Bebrs has a place in our heart. Worth a watch for that alone.

Switzerland – 5th February

Also on Sunday is Switzerland’s national final. We’ve known about the acts for a while, and had a bit of time to digest the songs they’re offering. In total, there are 6 acts competing, and the winner will be decided solely with the public vote. Here are the 5 acts:

  • Nadya – The Fire in the Sky

  • Ginta Biku – Cet air là

  • Michèle – Two Faces

  • Freschta – Gold

  • Shana Pearson – Exodus

  • Timebelle – Apollo

It’s a very female dominated final, and unless the songs have been revamped since their live check performances, it could make for a bit of an uninteresting show. Plus, there’s no Rigas Bebrs, so there’s that also. It will still be a popular choice this Sunday due to the fact it’s not a semi, but a final.

So there you have it, this week’s Eurovision calendar! We’d love to know which shows you will be watching this weekend, let us know down below or on our social media accounts!